Safety Rules

Ötscher FIS Rules

Rules of Conduct for the Slopes

"Wow, that was a great day!" You have to follow a few simple rules on the mountain, so that every day is a great ski day. FIS comprised the most important ones, which are, of course, valid at Ötscher ski resort. Whether it is respect for others, help at accidents or obligation of identification: keep these principles in mind! 

Read all the FIS rules now and respect them: safety first!

Traumhafte Bedingungen und breite Pisten in der Skiregion Ötscher erleben.  | © Martin Fülöp

On-Mountain FIS Rules

Safety First!

1. Respect for Others
Be aware of all skiers around you and do not endanger them. The term ski includes all ski-like equipment, such as big foot, short carver, snowboard, snow bike ….
2. Control Of Speed
Every skier must adapt their speed to the visibility, to their personal skill levels, to terrain, snow and weather conditions, and to the "traffic" on the pistes.
3. Choice of Route
Skiers approaching from behind must choose the route in such a way so not to endanger the skier ahead.
4. Overtaking
Overtaking is allowed from above, below and from the right or the left provided there is plenty of space for the overtaken skier to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.
5. Entering, Setting Off  
Every skier who plans to enter the piste, or reenter the piste after having stopped, must first check above and below them to ensure that they can do so without causing danger to others.
6. Stopping
Unless absolutely necessary, a skier must avoid stopping on the slope in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. After a fall in such a place, a skier must move clear of the slope as soon as possible.
7. Ascending and Descending
Skiers ascending or descending by foot must use the edge of the slope.
8. Respecting Signs and Markings
Every skier has to observe signs and markings.
9. Assisting at Accidents
Every skier has to assist at accidents
10. ID
All those involved in an accident, including witnesses, have to exchange names and addresses.