Ötscher Summer paradise
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Ötscher in Summer

Take the Lift to Explore the Impressive Mountain Scenery of Ötscher

Rough alpine rocks meet soft nature. Ötscher is a very impressive mountain that has a lot to offer in summer. Experience dreamlike hiking tours on the mountain and first-rate mountain bike trails that make your summer holidays unforgettable. Explore untouched nature, crystal-clear brooks and the diverse fauna of the region. A genuine natural paradise awaits you!

Relax, unwind and get away from it all: This is Ötscher in summer. Families find many interesting nature trails and hiking tours around Ötscher. Do not miss special regional highlights such as Ötscher flowstone cave. Never a dull moment in Lackenhofen am Ötscher!

Good to know:  The convenient lifts of Ötscher-Bergbahnen take you up Ötscher in no time!

Tip: Stay overnight at Wilde Wunder-Gastgeber or get Niederösterreich-Card to take advantage of many free tickets and special deals!

Get ready for unspoiled nature and sports highlights! Keep in mind: “If you have not been on Ötscher, you have not seen Lower Austria!"



Eine beliebt Sportaktivität am Ötscher ist das Trailrunning.  | © Martin Fülöp
© faschingleitner peter
© faschingleitner peter

Reasons for spending summer holidays at Lackenhof am Ötscher

Summer holiday at Lackenhof am Ötscher means diversity and activities to everyone's taste! Take your pick: impressive natural scenery, hiking trails up to Ötscher Schutzhaus (alpine hut) or to Hüttenkogel, demanding sports activities and moments of culinary delights. Experience a ride on the 2-person chairlift up to Großer Ötscher or find contemplative calm on a pilgrimage tour!

Reason Number 1

Deep gorges and wide valleys characterise the front face of Ötscher, which makes the terrain very attractive for families and real mountaineers. Lackenhof am Ötscher boasts six hiking tours from easy to difficult. No matter whether you choose to climb to the summit of Ötscher via Rauher Kamm or to hike to Ötscher Schutzhaus along an easy path, you should always stop at Ötscher Umbrella Bar!

Reason Number 2

Running is your favourite sport? You like diversity and demanding routes? So, trail running is the ideal sports activity for you! 230 kilometres of hiking routes are also perfect for trail running. The large hiking network offers you everything from rocky trails to soft forest soils. 

Reason Number 3

Feel free like a bird and see Ötscher region from high above: put paragliding from the summit cross on your to-do list. Take the lift up the mountain or take a hiking tour to the peak – it is up to you.
Get more info about thermal conditions and best launch sites here!



Reason Number 4

Need to sort things out, look for new goals or to get away from it all: pilgrimage through the Ötscher region is the perfect way to slow down and to forget the daily routine. Mariazell pilgrimage route leads through Lackenhof. Get part of the pilgrims' community and recharge your batteries with every step.

Reason Number 5

Looking for places of interest off the hiking trails? There are many attractions in the surroundings of Ötscher:  from hops to malt, by train or with arrows at Ötscherwiese –  explore and experience all the wild Mostviertel destinations

© rene jagersberger
©  rene jagersberger
© Ludwig Fahrnberger
© Ludwig Fahrnberger