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Paragliding Ötscher

Gliding high above Mostviertel

Get you paragliding gear ready and off you go. Inhale the clear mountain air and feel the soft wind in your face. Thanks to fantastic thermal conditions Ötscher is one of the best spots for paragliders. Enjoy the unbeatable panorama. You will never forget this adventure!


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Wetter Info

Unsere Paragleiter finden hier alle wichtigen Informationen für einen sicheren Flug.

Eibenkogl Bergstation
Eibenkogl Tal
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5.9 km/h
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Paragleiten mit Bilderbuch-Panorama

Paragliding a dreamlike panorama

Ötscher resort has been famous for its perfect flying conditions for a long time! In summer the landing area at Ötscherwiese is full of colourful paragliders. Once up in the air you will be absolutely thrilled by the fantastic view of Hochkar, Gemeindealpe and all the surrounding lakes such as Lunzer See and Erlaufsee Lakes. Such a memorable adventure!

“Walk and Fly”

Uphill and fly away!

Many roads lead to Rome and some to Ötscher. “Walk and Fly” is the ideal package for passionate paragliders: several hikes lead to Ötscher summit at 1,893 m in elevation. The launch site is located just below the summit cross.

After the hike up to the summit you will enjoy gliding high above Ötscher even more!

Launch sites

“Walk and Fly” offers several options. Are you an experienced mountaineer and an early bird? Choose the route via Rauher Kamm. Duration of the hike is approx. three to four hours. The launch site is below the summit cross.

The main launch site for paragliders is situated at Hüttenkogel. You can easily get there with the chair lift. It only takes 10 minutes from the mountain station to the launch site.

You may choose a mix of a small hike and some fun on the mountain. Take the standard route from Ötscherschutzhaus to the summit. Walking distance is about one hour, the ideal warm-up for your flight!

Thermal conditions at Ötscher

Above the clouds...

Flying high above the clouds and gliding through the air as long as possible – this is every paraglider pilot's dream. Thermal conditions play an important role. At Ötscher winds mainly blow from north-west. The best period of the year for paragliding is from May to August.

Good to know: Safety first is the most important rule when paragliding. If the north-west wind is too strong paragliding can be hazardous. Always be accompanied by an experienced pilot! Make sure you find a large landing area during peak-hours.

Learn to Paraglide

Learn from the pros

You have always wanted to try a tandem or a paraglide flight? Our professional instructors show you all you have to know about flight technique, speed limit, vertical metres and safety rules.

Aviation School Kilb Freewind
Kettenreith 3, 3233 Kilb
P +43 02748/60015 oder +43 676/5114640
E office@flugschule-kilb.at

Here are some important paragliding rules:

You can't hardly wait for your flight! But before you start you have to check out some important aspects:

  • strong winds from north-west
  • weather
  • landing site at Ötscherwiese – be careful at the landing!

Get all the important info about paragliding at the Ötscher Tourist Centre:

  • Address: Teichwiese 1b, 3295 Lackenhof
  • Phone: +43 7480 20020
  • Email: info@lackenhof.at