Eine beliebt Sportaktivität am Ötscher ist das Trailrunning.  | © Martin Fülöp
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Ötscher Trail Running

The Best and most Demanding Routes

Rocky trails or soft forest soils: there is a wide selection of diverse and demanding trail runs at Ötscher. Just ask one of the participants of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon. Start in the valley up to Ötscher summit or via Rauher Kamm. Trail running enthusiasts find a fascinating network of trails for beginners, advanced and pros: find the trail that suits you best!

Running instead of hiking

Trail Running Ötscher

Ötscher resort offers 230 kilometres of hiking trails, which are also ideal for trail running. Here you find the most demanding routes with the most spectacular views of the Mostviertel at a glance!

Useful info: Time and kilometre indications  always refer to the ascent and may vary according to fitness and level of ability.

© Ludwig Fahrnberger
© Ludwig Fahrnberger

Trail run high up to the Ötscher summit

From Lackenhof up to the Summit Cross

Forest roads, ski pistes and trails lead up to the giant of Mostviertel. All trail runners start at the Lackenhof village centre. After mastering winding paths and steep ascents you arrive at Riffelsattel and Ötscherschutzhaus. Continue on the solid gravel path to Hüttenkogel.

Tip: Take your time and have a rest on one of the Ötscher benches to enjoy the marvellous view of the surrounding mountains!

The last section up to the summit is rather challenging and demanding. Continue over the ridge through the alpine pine forest.
Grit your teeth and overcome your weaker self! At the summit you will be rewarded with a perfect panorama and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains!


  • duration: 1.5 h
  • length: 6.56 km
  • vertical metre: 1,055 vms (up)


Shorter variant:  from the mountain station to the summit
Take a comfortable ride on the chair lift up to the mountain station and master the last ascent to the summit! 
Be careful: The ridges of Ötscher are rocky. You need to be sure-footed.

  • duration: 0,5 h
  • length: 3 km
  • vertical metres: 430 vm (up)

Useful info: You want to sign the summit book? You have to know that the original book is not at the summit. But continue for another 20 minutes to Rauher Kamm – you will find the summit book there!

Rauhen Kamm - Ötscher Summit

The Best Preparation for the Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon!

The trail over Rauher Kamm is tough and trail runners reach their limits. So, it is the best preparation for the Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon!

From Weitental parking to Ötscherwiese and then on to Ranecksattel. One hour for hikers. At the saddle a small winding trail leads you up to the north-east ridge. Soon you reach Rauher Kamm at 1,533 m. The ascent requires fitness and sure-footedness. Small trials and rocky paths lead you to Ötscher secondary. From there enjoy a final run to Ötscher summit!

  • duration: approx. 2 h
  • length: 7 km
  • vertical metre: 1,108 vms (up) 473hm (down)


70 kilometres, three dreamlike trails through one of the most beautiful nature parks in Central Europe and indomitable spirit. These are the ingredients of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon. Once a year a great number of extreme athletes accept the challenge. The 2-day competition is unbelievably selective. Day one: 50 kilometres. Day two: another 20 kilometres to the finish line of Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon.

If 70 kilometres of trail running are simply too much for you, you can also take part in more humane competitions, such as 20-km Mountain-Run with 1,150 vertical metres.

In 2019 Ötscher-Ultra-Marathon takes place for the 23rd time.

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