Ropeway Technician

Training Ropeway Technician

On- mountain Career

There is hardly any other training that is as diverse and thrilling as the apprenticeship of a ropeway technician.

The ropeway is only one of many things you will be dealing with in the coming 3 1/2 years. Electrical engineering, high-tech systems, nature …

Do you have what it takes to be a ropeway technician?

A ropeway technician  …


  • be open
  • have technical understanding
  • have team spirit
  • be outgoing
  • be flexible
  • be free from giddiness



  • how to service and maintain ropeways
  • how to find and repair defects
  • how to prepare and groom pistes
  • economic basics
  • customer communication
  • snowmaking, meteorology and avalanche science

Taster day ropeway technician

Do I have what it takes to be ropeway engineer? The best way to find out is a taster day at Ötscher.

Our ropeway technician is happy to answer all your questions about the apprenticeship.

By the way he was the first to complete his ropeway technician training in Lower Austria in 2018.