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Pandemic Refund Guarantee

Extraordinary Times Ask for Special Measures

Our motto for the winter 2020/21: 0% risk and 100% safety with the pandemic refund guarantee.

In case of a pandemic during the winter season of 2020/21 resulting in the official shutdown of all lifts and cable cars at the same time at the SunnyCard partner destinations in Upper and Lower Austria

  • Hinterstoder
  • Wurzeralm
  • Hochficht
  • Kasberg
  • Hochkar
  • Ötscher

we guarantee a pro rata refund of the SunnyCard if certain requirements are met.  

In case all lifts are shut down at all partner ski resorts in Upper and Lower Austria during the whole winter season of 2020/21 due to the pandemic, the entire purchase price will be refunded


Find all details of the pandemic refund guarantee here:


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