Arrows stuck in a 3D target.  | © Hinterramskogler
No reason to have the blues:
the best excursion tips for bad-weather days

What to do on Wurbauerkogel when it rains

Excursion destinations for bad-weather days

Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten generally boasts lots of sunny days year-round – however, once in a while a few clouds might cover the Pyhrn-Priel region and Adventure Mountain. And yet, it’s no reason to get the blues if the sun doesn’t shine one day. On Wurbauerkogel, bad weather hardly affects all the fun you can have: the Alpine Coaster, the Panorama Tower and the 3D archery course are all open on rainy days, too! And in case you get hungry, the restaurants in Windischgarsten are welcoming their guests no matter the weather as well. 

Why is it well worth it to visit Adventure Mountain in the Pyhrn-Priel region – even on days when it’s not quite as sunny? Find out by reading the following tips for bad-weather days! 

The all-weather Alpine Coaster

Time to head off into new adventures

The Alpine Coaster not only reaches top speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour – at maximum safety, of course. It also handles rainy weather like a champ. All sledges are mounted firmly onto the 800-metre tubular steel rail construction, which is unaffected by wet weather conditions. Three loops, three hairpin bends, ten waves and six bridges will have you screaming with joy on the Alpine Coaster! 

Tip: In case of a light drizzle, we recommend bringing a raincoat! 

The “quizzical” Panorama Tower

A scenic-view platform for guaranteed fun

On 150 square metres across six storeys, visitors can explore an exhibition titled “The fascinating world of rocks”, which features interesting and extraordinary insights into the flora and fauna of the Alps. At various interactive “experience stations”, you can broaden your knowledge and solve several puzzles. At the “rock cinema”, fascinating short films from Kalkalpen National Park are shown. 

By the way: Audio guides in German, English and Czech are available for free – just ask for them at the ticket counter! 

An absolute novelty: School groups, clubs and families should give the brand-new tower quiz a try! The exciting and informative quiz entices you to have a closer look at the exhibition. Time to find out who’s going to shine with their knowledge in the end … 

Aiming practice at the 3D archery course

Hitting the bull’s eye

Pull the bowstring, aim, and … let go! On the extensive 3D archery course, everyone gets their chance at hitting the bull’s eye. 3D targets are hiding between branches, bushes and in dense forests. At the practice area, a canvas awning protects ambitious archers from sun or rain. Sneak around on Wurbauerkogel – bow and arrow in hand – and prove to your friends and family that you’ve got a steady hand!

Restaurants on and near Wurbauerkogel

An all-round carefree package

Up at 850 metres above sea level, the mountain restaurant on Wurbauerkogel welcomes its guests. And of course, its friendly host is happy to open the doors to visitors on rainy days as well. An action-fuelled ride on the Alpine Coaster, tricky quiz questions on the Panorama Tower, or a scavenger hunt through the 3D archery course can make you ravenously hungry, after all. 

Taking the chairlift up to the Bikepark

Ready, steady, bike!

At Wurbauerkogel’s Bikepark, you can have some bike fun that you’ll remember for a long time to come – between trails, pump tracks and obstacles. In case the weather gets truly bad, this attraction unfortunately has to close its doors. Meaning: If it’s absolutely chucking it down and the wind is howling, the chairlift must stop its operations. And without a lift, there’s no bike transport up the mountain … 

However, if there’s only a few clouds covering the sky and the rain remains a light drizzle, this doesn’t thwart your plans of having an amazing time at the Bikepark. Grab your bike, get on the chairlift, and up the mountain you go! Now, all you need to do is put your helmet on – and hit the trails hell for leather.