Enjoying a hike in autumn on the Hochkar with stunning scenic views.  | © Rene Jagersberger
Fantastic views
at Hochkar

Hochkar 360 Grad Skytour

The highest Viewing Platform in Lower Austria

Imagine yourself at 1,760 m a.s.l., surrounded only by breathtaking mountain scenery! A 60m rope bridge takes you to the highest viewing platform in Lower Austria.  Enjoy a 360° view from the Mostviertel to the Danube valley, from Dürrenstein to the Dachstein mountains!

Skytour Facts

360 Grad Skytour

  • 900 m loop trail at 1,760 m above sea level
  • Highest viewing platform in Lower Austria
  • 60 m rope bridge
  • 120 m above the ground
  • 8.5 m viewing platform
  • View of hundred peaks higher than 2,000 m
  • Open from 1 May to 31 October (depending on snow situation)

Great scenic vistas: Hochkar 360°Skytour –from Hochschwab mountains to Hohen Tauern and the entire Eastern Alps!

Here all details about the amazing Hochkar 360 Grad Skytour!

Trail to 360 Grad Skytour

That’s the way

Take the chairlift to Hochkar Vorgipfel, then walk to the radio mast and continue to the 60m rope bridge. You are 120m above ground at the top of the viewing platform, continue the loop trail.  

Look forward to an impressive view of Gesäuse and Dachstein mountains. You can also see the 1,808 m peak of Hochkar – the start and the end of the trail.

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Dive into the alpine world of the Mostviertel and its great scenery!

Tip: Rise and shine – take the chairlift, inhale fresh morning air and be on Hochkar before dawn.

You will never forget this view! Mountain peaks jutting out from a sea of fog, on the horizon the sun is rising.  Fascinating and picturesque!

You want to see that, too? Ride towards the sun on selected days from July to September!

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Attention Late Risers

JoSchi Berghaus invites you to brunch on four days during the summer season, serving delicious Mostviertel and local specialities.

Yoga Tip

Namasté on Hochkar! Experince a unique yoga lesson in unique mountain landscape!