Slope Touring
No Slope Touring and Alternatives

No slope touring

Alternative Routes at Lackenhof Ski Resort

Hochkar boasts a great variety of ski and snowboard terrain – sometimes very steep and sometimes very narrow! Skiers and snowboarders enjoy the fun and the challenge, but there is also some risk. That’s why there is strictly no slope touring along the groomed ski slopes at Hochkar!  There are many slope touring alternatives in and around Göstling!

Those who want to train for the Hochkar Challenge can use the week after the end of the season. 

Slope Touring Alternatives

You can still enjoy slope touring in the Mostviertel!

You can still enjoy slope touring! There are various attractive alternatives for slope tourers at the neighbouring Ötscher ski resort.

Piste #1 and #2 are open every Tuesday and Friday from 16:30.

How about x-country skiing? It’s not slope touring, but a great outdoor activity! Hochreit plateau is the perfect alternative!