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Hiking Ötscher

Hiking Ötscher

Close to Nature

Deep gorges and wide valleys – and you are part of it. Lackenhof am Ötscher attracts mountain lovers from near and far. Explore the impressive scenery at Ötscher with its mountain streams and interesting rock formations. There are so many hiking tours in this area: you are spoilt for choice.

Our lifts take you up to the mountain in no time. This is the ideal starting point for the most beautiful hiking tours and trails. Unlimited peaks, diversity of local fauna, fragrant herbs and rare plants: A dream comes true at Ötscher in summer.

The hiking region attracts families and mountaineers alike, offering relaxation, culinary highlights and sports challenges. From easy hikes for beginners and families to very demanding expert tours and day excursions. Here you find a selection of the six most beautiful hikes and huts for perfect summer bliss in Mostviertel!

Find all about your perfect hiking and mountaineering holiday at Ötscher!

© Ludwig Fahrnberger
© Ludwig Fahrnberger
© Ludwig Fahrnberger

The six most beautiful hiking tours

Mountain Bliss

Get your rucksack and off you go to fantastic hiking tours. Enjoy the picturesque panorama at Ötscher. Indescribable views of peaks and lakes make this scenery so unique. Here we tell you more about the most beautiful and impressive hiking tours at Ötscher hiking resort.

Hüttenkogel Hike

  • duration: approx. 35 min
  • level of difficulty: easy

On this nature trail you follow the footsteps of Clusius. Charles de l´Ècluse, also called Clusius, was a Flemish-Dutch doctor, scientist and botanist in the 16th century. He is remembered not only for his scholarship but also for his work on important alpine plants such as gentian, primrose and blackberry. Get enchanted by the unique flora you will find along the nature trail.

Route:  Take the nice winding path that leaves from the mountain station of the 2-person chair lift up to the vantage points and the panorama telescope.

Ötscher Summit Hike

  • duration: approx. 1.5 hrs.
  • level of difficulty: intermediate

Ötscher summit at 1,893 in elevation offers you spectacular views of the surrounding mountains of Mostviertel. Have a rest at the summit cross. Be aware of the rocky passage towards the end of the hike! You need sturdy shoes!

Route: Take the lift at Lackenhof valley station to the mountain station. Take the comfortable path that leads to Hüttenkogel. Turn left at the panorama telescope and continue on rocky ridges to Ötscher summit.

Tip: Paragliding launch site is situated just below the summit cross. Why not combine a hike with a flight? 

Ötscher Summit via Rauher Kamm

  •  duration: approx. 4 hrs. (start at Weitental parking)
  •  level of difficulty: difficult
  •  Parking: valley station of Großer Ötscher 2-person chair lift, Raneck or Nestelbergsäge

You like high-alpine terrain and demanding ascents? So, Ötscher summit tour via Rauher Kamm is just perfect for you! The route does not require alpine safety equipment, but you have to be free from giddiness and sure-footed. Please be careful and always check the weather report in advance!

Route: Parking Weitental to Ötscherwiese and Ranecksattel (1 hour). Time for refreshment, then up to Bärenlacken saddle. Take the small path to the south that winds up to the north-east ridge.

Then continue through mountain pine forests to Rauher Kamm at 1,533 m. Ascent on small paths and rocky passages to Ötscher secondary.

Once at Ötscher secondary you have nearly made it. Follow along the easy plateau up to Ötscher summit!

From Ötscher to Ötschergräben

  • duration: approx. 5 hrs.
  • level of difficulty: intermediate

Ötscherbach torrent has been forming the spectacular shape of Ötschergräben for thousands of years. This natural gem will immediately enchant you with waterfalls, impressive rock formations and breathtaking scenery. Explore the unique flora and cascades up to 90 meters high such as Lassing and Mira waterfalls – a perfect subject for a photo.

Route: Follow trail 4 from the mountain station to Riffelsattel. Turn left, continue on trail 15. Descent to Spielbichler. There take the 2-km long forest road and then turn left to Ötschergräben.

When hiking through Ötschergräbenschlucht gorge you will be thrilled by this unique natural scenery! Trail 15c leads you to Hagengut. Continue on the forest road to Erlaufklause barrier lake.

Wienerbruck Variant:

  • duration: approx. 6,5 hrs.

If you start from Wienerbruck, continue to Ötscherhias Jausenstation hut and to Stierwaschboden power station. Then up to Wienerbruck via romantic Lassing waterfalls.

Tip: From Erlaufklause (or Wienerbruck) take a comfortable ride back on Mariazellerbahn train. If you stay overnight at Wilde-Wunder-hosts, you get Wilde Wunder Card for free, which means 50% off for bus and train rides!

Ötscher-Gemeindealpe Hike

  • duration: approx. 6 hrs.
  • level of difficulty: intermediate

At an altitude of 1,626 m Gemeindealpe is situated in the heart of Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park. Enjoy the perfect panorama at Terzerhaus. Many exciting activities wait for you, such as mountain carts and monster scooters.

Route: From Ötscherlift mountain station descent to Riffelsattel towards Kleiner Ötscher to junction. Turn left to Feldwiesalm. Stop at the alpine hut for refreshments.

Take the left trail to Gemeindealpe, at Terzerhaus take the lift down to the valley

Gösing Variant: 

  • duration: day tour

Follow the torrent at Stierwaschboden power station to Ötscher Tormäuer and Erlaufboden. Ascent to Gösing.

Ötscher-Feldwiesalm-Erlaufsee Hike

  •  duration: approx. 6.5 Std.
  •  level of difficulty: intermediate, requires a certain level of fitness!

Hiking tour through picturesque scenery and nature highlights. Discover Mostviertel on foot and finish your tour with a refreshing swim at Erlaufsee lake.

Route: start at Ötscherschutzhaus chairlift. Take trail 4 to Riffelsattel and then trail 4b to Kleiner Ötscher, turn left on trail 16 to Türndlmäuer.

From Hocheckkogel keep right to get around Mittereckkogel to the forest road. Follow the way up to Jägerberg and Feldwiesalm.

After a short stop follow the sign Gemeindealpe and left to “eiserner Herrgott”, at the junction to Erlaufsee lake.

You see: There are many different ways to hike. Every tour has its own requirements and special features. If you are not sure which tour at Ötscher resort suits you best do not hesitate to contact our local pros at the tourist office. They are happy to help you to find the ideal hiking trail.

Ötscher On-mountain huts

Enjoy the Summer on the Mountain

Aufi aufn Berg do wü i hi! (I want to be on the mountains). It is a great idea to spend your summer on the mountains of Mostviertel. High up at Ötscher or around the peak you are spoiled for choice. A hike through impressive Ötschergräben or the route up to the summit cross – two huts are at your  disposal in summer.

Ötscherschutzhaus: situated at 1,418 m in elevation, a perfect stop for hiking enthusiasts. The 2-person chair lift takes you to Großer Ötscher. The hut is situated directly at the mountain station. Spend a night at the communal bunk, enjoy a hearty breakfast or stop for refreshments -  you should not miss this place!

Ötscher Umbrella Bar:  The perfect stop after a demanding hiking tour. You can hardly wait to get out of your boots and to have a refreshing cold drink? Ötscher Umbrella Bar directly at Großer Ötscher valley station is the ideal place for you.