Das Team der Bergbahnen Grossglockner-Heiligenblut
Our team
 Bergbahn Grossglockner/Heiligenblut


Our Team

Heiligenblut is located at the foot of the highest mountain of Austria. The family-friendly Carinthian Ski Resort does not only boast a unique view of 40 mountains higher than 3000m, but also offers a wide range of sports activities in summer and winter. The most important thing: Grossglockner/Heiligenblut Ski and Hiking Resort is family-friendly!

Our resort is one of the finest winter Meccas located at the impressive scenery of Mt. Großglockner. 1,500 hectares of freeriding area is a must for powder fans and skiing enthusiasts.

The resort boast a lot of possibilities also in summer: a wide hiking area, mountain bike trails and glacier experiences.

We and our team want to make sure that your winter and summer holidays will be an unforgettable experience with lots of photos and nice memories of Carinthian hospitality. Learn more about our company and the people behind the scenes.

History of the cable car

Bergbahn Grossglockner/Heiligenblut started on November 29, 1964. This was the day when the first chairlift from Heiligenblut to Rossbach mid-station started its operation and so opened the historic era of the ski resort at the foot of Großglockner.
In 2014 the ski resort celebrated its 50th  anniversary. A good reason for looking back on its successful history.

A Strong Team


Executive Director



DI Dr. Peter Schmidl


Ph.: 04824/2288
Email: peter.schmidl@skisport.com


If you want to move a mountain,
you have to start by moving a stone at a time!





Sepp Asslaber


Ph.: 04824/2288
Email: sepp.asslaber@skisport.com


If there are mountains, I know I can climb to the top
 and get a new perspective on life from up there.



Management Deputy



Florian Pichler


Tel.: 04824/2288
Email: florian.pichler@skisport.com

What we do today,
determines what the world
will look like tomorrow.


Management Deputy



Leo Wallner


Tel.: 04824/2288
Email: leo.wallner@skisport.com


Whoever finds the way to natur-
also finds the way to himself.





Ingrid Hecher


Ph.: 04824/228866
Email: ingrid.hecher@skisport.com


Only a still pond reflects
the stars.


Cashier Management



Angelika Untermoser


Ph.: 04824/228818
Email: angelika.untermoser@skisport.com


There are decades when nothing happens,
and there are weeks when decades happen.





Melanie Steiner


Ph.: 04824/228861
Email: melanie.steiner@skisport.com


Sometimes it's better to remain silent
and to take a deep breath.


Restaurant Management



Roland Pirker


Ph.: 0664/8333179
Email: roland.pirker@skisport.com


"Dedication, hard work and constant commitment
are the key to success"

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