General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Grossglockner Bergbahnen Touristik GmbH

These GTCs apply to all current and future services provided in connection with the purchase of tickets and access authorizations by guests (customers). In addition, the terms and conditions of carriage and use of the respective facilities and slopes apply.

The purchase of a ticket entitles the passenger to use the facilities covered by the ticket. However, the actual transport contract is only concluded with the cable car or lift whose facilities and ski slopes and ski routes the guest is currently using.

Any liability towards passengers, whether based on contractual or legal provisions, for incidents arising from or in connection with the operation and use of the cableway and lift facilities as well as ski slopes and ski routes shall therefore be borne exclusively by the cableway or lift company(s) in whose ski area the incident occurs. The other cableway or lift companies that sell this card or are included in the card are not liable.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the respective transport and use conditions of the individual cable cars or lifts also apply.

1. General

By using a valid ticket, a contract of carriage and use of the slopes is concluded between the respective cable car or lift company and the user. The customer hereby expressly submits to the general terms and conditions set forth herein, as well as the respective terms and conditions of carriage and use of the respective cable cars and lifts that he/she is currently using. This also applies in particular to the tariff regulations, the price lists and the officially approved conditions of carriage of the individual facilities as posted on the respective notice board.

Any violation of the terms and conditions of carriage or ́s general terms and conditions, the disregard of total or partial closure of ski runs and facilities as well as the repeated failure to follow the instructions of the employees of the respective cableway or lift may result in the exclusion from any carriage and the withdrawal of the ticket or the season ticket without replacement as well as, if applicable, a criminal complaint to the competent authority.

The same applies in the case of intentional damage to property of the respective cable car or lift company or honor insulting and crida damaging behavior to the detriment of the respective cable car or lift company.

The valid ski pass entitles the holder to access the Grossglockner/Heiligenblut ski area during the published winter season times. Excluded are night and special runs.

The rates for ski passes are set annually and only the rates published in the brochures are valid. The conditions that entitle the holder to purchase a reduced ski pass are also stated therein. The ski pass is issued exclusively on key cards, which must be purchased at the published rate. When returning undamaged key-cards at the cash desk, this amount will be refunded. The key-cards must not be exposed to excessive heat and must not be bent or punched, as otherwise the antenna contained in the key-card may become inoperable. The access devices must be used properly. The insurance protection according to the cableway law is only valid for persons with a valid ticket.

2. Tickets

The purchase of a valid ticket is possible at the participating cable cars or lifts at their cashier, online, vending machines or advance ticket office in the tourist office. For the assertion of a special tariff, corresponding identification is required. For the purchase of long-term tickets (e.g. season tickets), identification and a photo are required, which the purchaser must bring with him or her. Tickets and proof of authorization for any special fares must be presented to the employees and inspectors of the respective cable car or lift company upon request.

Tickets are not transferable under any circumstances. No liability is assumed for the loss of tickets. Any misuse of tickets will result in the immediate revocation thereof and the levying of a criminal charge in the amount of double the daily ticket price.

When purchasing ski passes of any kind, a charge is levied for the KeyCard. When returning the undamaged ski pass at the cash desk this amount will be refunded.

3. Webshop

Tickets can be purchased in the online store ( The access authorization can either be saved on an existing KeyCard or by picking it up at the cable car ticket office.

A booking possibility exists only after complete and correct entry of all mandatory fields available in the booking window. The customer is solely responsible for the correct entry of the data, in particular the data carrier number (KeyCard number) and acknowledges that in the event of incorrect entry, activation of the data carrier will not work. The customer acknowledges that the order process cannot be cancelled or reversed after the payment button has been pressed.

The electronic confirmation of execution (e-mail confirmation) from Grossglockner Bergbahnen Touristik GmbH serves as the only admissible proof of the properly made booking and must therefore be carried by the customer and, in the event of a complaint, presented at the operator's cash desks together with the booked data carrier.

Payment in the online store is made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). The amount will be charged to your credit card immediately upon notification of the purpose of payment or debited from your account immediately.

The booked service can be used at the earliest 30 minutes after receipt of the confirmation of execution when an existing KeyCard is reloaded. From this point in time, the activation of the data carrier basically takes effect on all access control systems in the booked ski area.

Any malfunction of a ski pass must be reported immediately to the nearest ticket office. Later complaints regarding function and billing cannot be considered.
We request correct entry of the birth data of children and young people - age checks are carried out in the ski area!

Please note that discounted tickets and snowman cards can only be issued at the cash desks as before!

4. Ticket loss

In principle, lost ski passes will not be replaced. The loss of a ski pass can be reported at the cash desks of the participating cable cars or lifts. Upon presentation of the proof of purchase and proof of identity (ID), it is possible to block these ski passes at the access control and to get a replacement card upon payment of a processing fee. In principle, no replacement cards can be issued without presentation of the proof of purchase.

5. Refund

Refund is possible only in case of ski accidents for ski passes valid for 2 days or more. The refund will be made from the day following the last use or at the earliest from the first day after the accident. The receipt and a medical certificate from a doctor residing in the place of the involved cable car or lift must be presented. Refunds are given in the ski region where the ski pass was purchased.

In the case of season ticket refunds, the amount is staggered according to the date of return. No refunds will be given after 28.02. without exception.

Failure to use a ticket due to bad weather, avalanche danger, operational disruptions and interruptions, the closure of ski runs or facilities, as well as unforeseen departures do not entitle the holder to a refund or extension of the validity period. Closures due to pandemic regulations issued by public health authorities (e.g. Corona) are beyond the control of the lift company and do not entitle the customer to a refund, unless this is done as a courtesy of the lift company in special cases.
Our COVID-19 safety measures can be found on our homepage.

6. Rescue of injured persons

The rescue of injured persons is organized by the respective cableway or lift company and carried out in cooperation with their partners, provided that the injury occurs during operating hours. In relation to the rescue effort, a cost reimbursement is then charged.

7. Slope reservation

In principle, slope reservations are only possible according to availability. The promise of such a reservation is made exclusively at the discretion of the respective cable car or lift company. The reservation of individual slopes for training, practice and racing events must be made in writing. A corresponding agreement must be signed by the customer and returned to the respective cable car or lift company prior to the day of the event, but must be presented to the ticket office on the day of the event at the latest.

In order to ensure safe and unhindered customer traffic, any placing or setting up of objects or aids (in particular

(in particular also teaching/learning aids) as well as the setting, drilling of poles, barriers, etc. outside the reserved and actually assigned slopes, slope sections or other partial areas is prohibited.

When setting poles and barriers within the assigned areas, they may only be anchored into the overlying snow cover and not drilled into the ground. When leaving the reserved piste section, it must be cleared of all placed and erected objects and makeshifts, inserted or drilled poles and barriers, etc., so that the piste/run can again be used by winter sports enthusiasts and piste users without danger and without hindrance.

8. Fun sport

The usability of the facility of special ski areas may be partially or fully restricted. These restrictions do not result in a claim for refund, price reduction or extension of the use of the ski pass.

9. Device hours

In the event of unscheduled assignments by our employees using snow grooming equipment or Ski-Doos/Quads, the applicable billing rates will be applied. A minimum of 20 minutes will be charged for all equipment operations.

10. Transport of goods and animals by mountain railroads

The usability of the facility of special ski areas may be partially or fully restricted. The billing takes place on a monthly basis in arrears. A liability claim for transport damages is excluded.

Animal transports also require the purchase of a ticket and must be stored accordingly. Dogs must be kept on a leash in the ski and alpine areas, and a muzzle must be used during transport and in enclosed areas of all facilities. For any personal injury and property damage, the animal owner is liable in full.

11. Special tours

In the case of special journeys, specifications and agreement with the respective cable car or lift company or after consultation with the operations management are possible, but only if at least five people are to be transported. Separate charging rates apply for these special trips.

12. Skidoo/Quad

The operation of skidoos/quads on the slope areas of the respective cableway or lift company is only permitted with the consent of the landowner concerned and the respective cableway or lift company, which must be obtained by the skidoo operator himself; if necessary, official approval must also be obtained. Skidoos/Quads must be in a technically perfect condition, warning and emergency stop devices must be mounted accordingly. The driver must have the appropriate training and instruction as well as any necessary official permits. The operator of the skidoos/quads must ensure that it is not possible for unauthorized persons to operate them. In case of damage to property or personal injury, the liability lies exclusively with the operator of the skidoos/quads.

13. Paraglider

Paragliding launches are only allowed in the area designated by the respective cable car or lift.

Only pilots with a valid paragliding license, approved and liability-insured aircraft and a valid day or season pass are authorized to take off. Take-off and landing are only permitted in the designated areas. Landing is expressly prohibited on all ski slopes. All legal height and distance regulations must be observed.

In case of violation of these regulations, a flight and/or transport ban may be imposed by the respective cable car or lift company.

14. Ski depot

The respective cable car or lift company may offer the use of lockable ski depots as a service for an appropriate fee. The opening hours of the ski depots are during lift operation. The cable car or lift company assumes no liability for lost items or damage arising in connection with the use of the ski depots.

15. Liability

The liability of the respective cable car or lift company for property damage and financial loss arising in connection with the use of the lift and slope facilities is excluded in the case of slight negligence. The operators of the lift facilities are in no way responsible for items lost by the customer in the ski area. In case of possible soiling of clothing during the use of the lifts, the operator is not liable for any compensation.

Any liability towards customers, whether based on contractual or legal provisions, for incidents arising from or during the use of the lift and slope facilities shall be borne exclusively by the lift company in whose ski area such an incident occurs. In principle, there is no liability for other lift companies that use the same Verbundkarte. The specific transport contract is only concluded with the lift company whose lift and slope facilities the customer is using at the time of the incident.

16. Commercial and promotional activities

Any commercial and advertising activity on facilities, slopes and ski runs as well as parking areas of the respective cableway or lift company must be expressly approved by the latter. The installation of advertising boards, panorama cameras and other advertising may only take place with the consent of the respective cable car or lift company. Violations may also result in the exclusion from transportation and the withdrawal of the ticket without compensation. (Point 2)

17. Data processing

By concluding the transport contract, the customer gives his express consent that the data provided by him to the respective cableway or lift company may subsequently be processed and used by the latter for advertising purposes. The consent to the use of such data may be revoked in writing at any time.

The customer gives his express consent that the data entered by him during the booking process may be stored and processed for the purpose of carrying out the booking and payment process. This data may also be compared with external systems for control purposes. The customer also agrees to the transfer of this data within the framework of the legal provisions and restrictions of the Data Protection Act 2000 of the partner companies. The customer's attention is drawn to the fact that this consent can be revoked at any time.

The customer has to create the possibility of data transfer via secure data connections (SSL) in his area himself. On the part of the participating companies, the transmission, at least of the data necessary for the payment processing, takes place in any case via secure data lines.

The customer declares his express consent to the transmission of the payment confirmation into the payment system and - after its payment release - to the debiting of the respective invoice amount due in the collection authorization procedure of the selected payment method.

All companies involved in the booking process are subject to the secrecy of telecommunications and the confidentiality obligations of the Data Protection Act.
When booking tickets, the data entered will be processed electronically. The customer will be informed about new services and ski offers by e-mail. This service is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time.

18. Information according to § 24 DSG 2000 about "Photocompare"

It is pointed out that for the purpose of access control, a reference photo of the lift ticket holder is taken the first time the lift ticket holder passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera. This reference photo is compared by the lift personnel with the photos taken each time the lift card holder passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera.

The reference photo is deleted immediately after the expiration of the validity of the lift ticket, and the other photos are deleted at the latest 30 minutes after the respective passage through a turnstile.
It should be noted that it is also possible to purchase lift tickets that are technically configured in such a way that no photo is taken when passing through the turnstile, but in this case random checks by the lift personnel must be expected.

Strict controls are carried out by means of electronic readers at the access points in the ski area. The ski passes must be presented to the lift personnel for inspection upon request. All ski passes are non-transferable. Any misuse of ski passes, including use by third parties or use of incorrect age categories will be punished and will result in the withdrawal of the ski pass without compensation (subject to the charging of a fine or the filing of a criminal complaint). The card owner is obliged to keep his ski pass carefully, any loss or theft must be reported immediately. Resale or transfer of ski passes and vouchers is strictly prohibited.

19. Other provisions

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the general conditions of carriage and measures in connection with pandemics (e.g. Covid 19 measures) of the respective lifts apply. The customer undertakes to take note of these in advance and not to violate them, as well as to follow the instructions of the respective lift personnel. In particular, the special transport regulations for children under 14 years of age or under a body height of 110 cm must be observed.

Basically, a distinction must be made between ski slopes, ski routes and the open ski terrain.
Ski slopes are prepared, marked and secured against avalanches and atypical dangers. Ski slopes are closed between 5 p.m. in the evening and 9 a.m. in the morning for safety reasons.

Ski routes are not groomed, but marked and secured from avalanches, but there is no security from atypical dangers.
The free skiing area (freeride area) is unsecured, not marked and not secured from avalanches or atypical dangers. The stay and skiing (e.g. "freeriding") is at your own risk, the dangers of the high alpine terrain prevail.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that leaving the prepared and designated routes and slopes (e.g. also deep snow and mogul slopes) as well as skiing on the adjacent forest areas is strictly prohibited. Violation is punishable (§ 33 Forestry Act); moreover, liability for any resulting damage is excluded.

Austrian law shall apply to the exclusion of the EU Sales Convention and all conflict of laws provisions. The court with subject-matter jurisdiction at the registered office of the respective cableway or lift company shall have jurisdiction.

Status: December 2020. In addition to the GTC ́s, the general conditions of carriage apply.