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More than skiing and snowboarding ...

Off the Wurzeralm Pistes

Snowshoeing and x-country skiing in Spital am Pyhrn

Winter wonderland, pristine scenery, snow everywhere! That’s Pyhrn-Priel not only for skiers and snowboarders. Learn more about the off-piste offers at Wurzeralm …

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snowball fight in winter for the whole family
cross country skiing in winter landscape of Wurzeralm | © Fischer Sports GmbH
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Enjoy the winter off-piste

Wurzeralm winter wonderland

Enjoy happy and carefree holidays in Spital am Pyhrn! There's more than one way to enjoy the snow. Learn about snowshoeing and x-country skiing at Wurzeralm ski resort!

Snowshoe trail to Wurzeralm


Choose to explore Wurzeralm snowshoe trail on your own or with an experienced guide – either way you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views, fresh air and invigorating exercise.

Please note: the gondola takes you to the top station, from there follow the signs to Teichlboden. Give way to skiers when crossing the slopes!

Tipp: our snowshoe trail folder includes a detailed map and many useful information.

Tips and rules for snowshoeing

On the way off the trail

You are on your way without a guide? Please observe the following basic principles:

  • Plan your tour carefully; tours off the snowshoe trail are not secured.
  • Know your limits when choosing a route.
  • Beware of the risk of avalanche.
  • Respect wildlife and restricted areas.
  • Adjust your behaviour to the alpine terrain.
  • Request permission for commercial use (guided snowshoeing) from property owner.
  • Very important: Snowshoeing without a guide at one’s own risk.

Useful: rent your equipment at Intersport Pachleitner.

X-country skiing on Wurzeralm-High Altitude Trail

Fun skier, pros and families

X-country skiing through snowy winter landscapes? Pyhrn-Priel boasts various x-country ski trails nestled in unique scenery. Enjoy memorable days on Wurzeralm high altitude trail!
Fun skier, pro or family: they all love the 4.6 km trail running through breath-taking scenery! Wurzeralm high altitude trail is free, but you have to pay for the gondola!

Path to X-country skiing happiness

How to get to Wurzeralm high altitude trail? Just take the gondola to the mountain station; follow ski trail no.8 below the bridge and turn right at the next ski trail crossing; ski trail no.10 leads to Linzerhaus.

Important: the high-altitude trail can only be reached by gondola! Watch out for winter hikers enjoying the winter panorama along the x-country skiing trail! Spital am Pyhrn also features several x-country skiing trails subject to charges! Pyhrn-Priel boast a total of 120km of x-country skiing trails.