sunset at the peak of unterberghorn in kössen
Mountain Summer
Experience Kössen

Hochkössen in Summer

Family Time

The impressive countryside of Hochkössen boasts fantastic nature experiences all year round. Paragliding, hiking or enjoying life – experience a perfect summer in Tirol. There are so many adventures for the little ones. For parents it is high time to indulge in regional delicacies. Summer activities such as hiking are very entertaining and suitable for the whole family. Discover the highlights of Hochkössen resort in summer!

Enjoy the view on the mountain in the Hochkössen region.
Family having snack with view after hike in Kössen
Hiking with the dog on the mountain in the Hochkössen region.
Cyclists in the terrain of the Hochkössen region
paragliding in summer in the region Hochkössen
different hiking paths of the region Kössen
panoramic view at diverse peaks in the hiking region Kössen
the Hochkössen region is a popular location for paragliders.

Mountain Experiences

The Mountain calls ...

What are you waiting for? Do not miss all the exciting moments on the mountain such as tasty regional specialities at Bärenhütte at 1,500m after a beautiful hiking tour or the spectacular views of Kaisergebirge mountains on your summit hike to Unterberghorn.

Hochkössen is the ideal hiking paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

5 good reasons for spending your summer holidays at Kössen

Experience Nature

Just get away from it all. Recharge your batteries and relax. Hochkössen is the perfect retreat in the Tirolean Alps. Come and see for yourself:

Reason Number 1: Nature

Get close to nature: experience the wonderful scenery in Tirol at sunset and enjoy the stunning view of Kaisergebirge mountains. Feel the nice air and the humming of bees around you. Explore the colourful diversity of nature at Hochkössen.

Reason Number 2: Paragliding

Paragliding high above the Tirolean Alps: clear mountain air, soft wind, perfect thermal conditions and an indescribable dreamlike panorama. There are many reasons for exploring Kössen form high above. Untouched nature and wide valleys make this region a genuine dream destination for paragliders.

Bärenhütte in the region Kössen in summer
Paragliding in the Hochkössen region
Summit book at the top of the mountain in the hiking region Hochkössen
The Hochkössen gondola lift also operates in summer for hikers.
Stone sculptures at the summit of Unterberghorn in the Hochkössen region.
Signposts in the hiking region Hochkössen in summer
yoga session while sunset in kössen

Reason Number 3: Hiking

Hiking region: enjoy many hours of sunshine, mild summer nights and the colourful countryside at Kössen resort. Summertime means pleasurable outdoor activities for the whole family such as hiking. Explore nature highlights on a scenic tour or on a summit hike. Family-friendly or for experienced mountaineers only – Hochkössen boasts unlimited kilometres of hiking trails for all ages.   

Reason Number 4: Diversity

Diverse and entertaining: Hiking on the mountains, having a picnic on colourful flower meadows, listening to the humming of the bees and feeling a gentle breeze on your skin. Summertime – it is so wonderful! You can hardly wait for your summer holidays to begin. So, start planning your active and relaxing holidays at Hochkössen resort now.

Reason Number 5: Culinary Delights

A foodie's journey into summer: regional delicacies and authentic hospitality are two important ingredients for perfect summer vacations. Explore our huts and on-mountain restaurants at Hochkössen! All the hosts prepare their food with love and care and you will definitely taste it. Indulge in an authentic farmers platter or traditional Tirolean dumplings – unforgettable delights and perfect countryside!