iSki Tracker & Analytics

All Info about your Ski Day 

iSki tracker is always by your side when skiing Wurzeralm – and the evening you can check your performance during the day – how many slope kilometres, how many lifts, speed and altitude profile. This free app records and analyses all important ski data and you can share it with your friends.  Anyway, it shows your personal ski performance at a glance! A great offer programmed for Apple and Android.

If you want to get your ski performance after a day of skiing - iSKI-Analytics is the answer. A free tool with which you can retrieve the daily rating also in hindsight.

iSKI Analytics 

Your personal skiday analysis 

With iSKI Analytics you can query and alnalyze your movement data
in the ski resort via ski pass. In principle, a ski diary with a daily evaluation. With elevation profile, lifts rides, highest point, time, weather, temperature, skimap and for all those who record their day with the iSKI App-Iski tracker much more, e.g. pictures, speed, ski distance ...

And best of all, you can share your daytime performance with all your friends. All achievements can be compared to your iSKI buddies and the rest of the world in the daily and seasonal rankings.

Good to know: So you know which number of your ski card you have to enter, you will find here a little help.

Why iSki tracker?

The advantages of iSki-tracker

  • Communication centre: this app records, analyses, compares and shares various data.
  • Speed check: the track in the ski diary stores detailed altitude and speed profiles.
  • Track Sharing: share your tracks on facebook or per mail.
  • Exact data: locating and recording via GPS guarantees exact data.
  • Detailed analysis: review single days or the entire performance on the website of Wurzeralm ski resort. Ideal for comparison with friends or family!
  • Free installation: free download of the app.
  • No roaming fees: no additional fees, because tracking is done via GPS.


Good to know:iSki Tracker also provides detailed information about Wurzeralm ski resort weather and snow report, avalanche status and open lifts

Evaluation of the data with the iSki Tracker in Hinterstoder
analysis of the ski day with the iSki-tracker in HInterstoder
evaluation of the data with the iSki tracker