How’s the Weather Going to be

Your Wurzeralm holidays are around the corner! Plan your vacation with our three-day weather forecasts and up-to-the-minute live information.

THE WEATHER at wurzeralm

Current Weather and Weather Forecast

The weather in the valley

6 / 12 °C
Mostly cloudy and occasional rain from the morning on.
5 / 11 °C
Unsettled with showers, but also sunny spells from the morning on.
4 / 12 °C
Relatively sunny during the day, but maybe some rain in the evening.

The weather on the mountain

-2 / 3 °C
First snowfall and rain, then clearing gradually in the afternoon.
-1 / 2 °C
A mixture of sunny periods and scattered snow showers.
-3 / 1 °C
A fair start, but soon clouds will gather and snow showers will be likely.