A Fun Game For The Whole Family

Disc golf is fun and sports in nature. It is played with a golf disc - similar to a frisbee disc – which has to be thrown into a basket.


Disc golf course is open
opening times will follow


The basic rules are simple and similar to a game of golf



Players throw the disc as close as possible to a specially designed target called a basket, then throw again from where the discs landed, trying to get into the basket in the lowest number of throws. The player with the lowest total strokes for the entire course wins.

Disc Golf Courses

at Hutterer Böden 

Nine disc-golf courses are at the mid-station.
Höss gondola takes you to Hutterer Böden. Disc-golf tickets are available at  Bärenhütte hut. Beginners can practice with the training basket. Golf disc can either be rented or purchased for € 15,-.

Note: deposit for rented discs

Disc golf is perfect for club trips. Reservation needed for groups of 10 and more: Ph.  07564/5275 or Email: info@hiwu.at